What you are about to read is a complete and truthful account of the world of espionage. Forget everything you thought you knew about spies. What you thought you knew is totally wrong. For example, did you know that...

*...the Russian Spy Agency employed seven-year-old spies?
*...the American Spy Agency's top scientist, Dr. Pepper, cloned its most successful agents?
*...the Japanese Spy Agency developed a type of cheese that boosted its agents' success rates by up to 25%?
*...the Spanish Spy Agency invented its famous tickle torture?
*...the Flemish Spy Agency uncovered a Martian plot to take over the world?
*...the Phlegmish Spy Agency was responsible for many major flu outbreaks during the Cold War?

You might also think that backwards Russian pig-Latin is not a real spy code, but it's listed in the Russian Spy Agency handbook. This book explains how it really happens. This is spying in its true, exposed form.

(This book, should you choose to read it, will self-destruct when you finish reading it.)