Alex the Great

Released: June 27, 2013

Alexandra Penfold refuses to be anything more than what she is-the world's biggest tomboy. She even tried out for the middle school football team. Alex knows she is different than all the other girls in her grade; they would rather sit around talking about boys, makeup, and the homecoming dance than play make-believe or jump on the trampoline.

Known around school for not fitting in and for being a regular guest in the principal's office, Alex just wants to spend her free time playing with her dog, Yippy, and her cat, Creamy, who happen to love her just the way she is. Her older brother, Jeremy, used to play with her as well, but nothing has been the same for Alex since Jeremy died in an accident two years ago.

Still, things start to look up as Alex makes a new friend at school; everything seems to be going better. But then something terrible happens that makes Alex miss Jeremy more than ever. Now this fifth grader struggling to be herself must learn that the best gift in life is a friend who listens.

Fifth grade is hard. Alex just wants to be herself.

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Reviews of Alex the Great

An entertaining read with a relateable heroine and a healthy message about individuality. Touching and often funny, “Alex the Great” deals with the awkward transition between childhood and adulthood with a refreshing sense of playful innocence. Heavy topics such as coping with the death of a loved one are treated with sensitivity and hope. An appropriate family read aloud.
— J. Starr Weems
Alexandra Penfold insists on being herself, and nobody will change her mind. Alex likes to play and to do things her way. Many of her classmates think they are too old for fun. Fifth grade can be a challenge. Alex is on a quest to stay true to herself and enjoy life. Travel with Alex as she searches for justice and happiness amid the everyday madness of her fifth grade life.
— María Camp