Make Your Own Book Trailer

I like making videos.  No, they're not going to win any awards, but it's fun regardless.  Sometimes I like to make them for other people's books.  Here's one I made for a YA book by Kerstin Gier called Ruby Red.  One-line summary: Gwendolyn's cousin was supposed to inherit a time-travel gene, but (surprise!) Gwendolyn inherits it instead.

Here it is in German.  (Sometimes I like to dabble in German because I speak it and also because Ruby Red was originally written in German.  (Rubinrot)

I made both trailers using a free program called Animoto.  It lets you create free videos up to 30 seconds.  Anything longer, and you have to pay.  They come with music, graphics, etc.  In a nutshell, you fill in your info, and Animoto creates the video.  The good thing is that most people will watch a 30-second video.  Anything longer, and their attention span starts wandering. we create our own videos!  I made this one about a local author's romance/mystery novel.